The finished work. The decisions of which areas to work and which to leave blank were made to allow the image to have an ambiguity – is it being erased or is it emerging? An elusive image from the past, like memories, not quite fully grasped, not quite fully visible. . Advertisements

The contours and details of the face emerges.  Very surprised by how much shading is conveyed.

Building up one of the faces.  Working close to, it seems like a random scattering of unconnected colours.

One of the pattern pages generated by the CStitch program. The difficult part was to work out on the cloth where the pattern should be worked, as I was not going to start in one corner and work every inch of the cloth. In order to keep track of the counted squares, I used red […]

This is the image, my mother Evelyn is on the right. She started tailoring training at the upmarket Jay’s Ltd of Oxford Street/Circus before the war, and at first I thought this was a group of colleagues from Jays. When the bombing of London began, the family moved from Hammersmith to Hounslow, and Evelyn worked […]

Prepared this back in August, forgot to publish, then got so engrossed in the work, it is now finished and on display, so I need to document the process in retrospect!  Here goes the first step: (August 24th) After quiet period, have been invited to contribute to a group show to co-incide with the Book […]

To the best of our knowledge, no celebration for IWD had been held in Folkestone before, so a group of women artists, journalists, musicians and alternative health practioners banded together to present a weekend of activities from 8th to 10th March. In a former shop space, artists Nicholette Goff, Helen Lindon and myself  organised an exhibition […]